November 22, 2017

2017 Loyalty Drive

Dear T-D Family:

Happy Thanksgiving to all T-D families.

At Thanksgiving Time T-D asks school families to participate in the Loyalty Fund. I am pleased to say that at our most recent Board of Trustees meeting it was noted that 17 school families have opted to contribute to the Loyalty Fund via our Tuition Payment Plan. The average gift being made is somewhat over $2,000.00 per each child per family.

Due to our Board of Trustees and a very dedicated faculty, the school continues to endure the winds and tides of change – 117 years and counting. T-D also continues to offer a tuition scale half the amount of neighboring independent schools. That’s why T-D’s population is so well balanced.

T-D still has about eight classrooms without the benefit of a smart board. Smaller rooms can be fitted with smaller boards costing $5000. Larger ones would require about $3,000 more per board … It’s difficult not to ask.

As you know, T-D opened a third music room last September and our Vox Box is one of T-D’s most attractive with ambience to spare. With more and more music in the air and more and more K-12 students enjoying it, unanticipated needs arise. Two items are on our wish list-one is a 27″ Mac Retina 5K display with a $2,560.00 price tag. Another is the LP Galaxy Fiberglass Conga with appropriate hardware. A gift of $500 can secure this item.

During this past summer T-D made a major renovation and a $200,000 investment in 56 Overlook Circle, The White House. I am pleased that the renovation is 98% complete and that the White House is more sturdy and secure than ever before.

This Loyalty Drive is extremely important and it is only through this collective generosity that T-D can continue to maintain itself and prosper.

No gift is too large or too small. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Parents may also consider donating stocks or securities. The tax benefit of donating shares of stock includes deducting the amount of the donation AND avoiding the unrealized gain on appreciated shares. Interested donors should contact Dan Livingstone, T-D Trustee at 212-883-7722.

Thank you for any gifts made in the past and if your gift is yet to be given, thank you for the one that will be made shortly.

We hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and the holiday time.

The Loyalty Fund Team
Augustine Nigro
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
Annemarie Licini-Paris

N.B. Many employers match gifts to non-profits. T-D has a list of them.