October 2, 2017


October Treats
October Calendar 2017


Dear T-D Family,
I hope you and yours are in fine form and enjoying the taste of Indian Summer.
Many of you have heard about Annemarie and asked how she is doing. Well, she is now home and due to make more than a cameo during this week. It was a gall bladder attack that landed her in the hospital. As a result, she is due to miss some more days but she is recovering. Annemarie is resting but thinking of only one thing-getting back. I’ll be keeping everyone apprised.
October is so full of activities. Italians are here. Argentinians are coming. Buddy lunches are happening twice. The Parent-Teacher Partnership (PTP) is in full bloom.
Click on “October Calendar” above to view/print the calendar. More detailed information can often be found on the monthly calendar on the website. Colleges are coming to recruit students for next year’s freshmen class. FLC’s (Faculty Luncheon Conferences) are in place where selected students are offered time with their teachers to discuss their progress.
SAT Prep begins on October 17th. The complete list of class dates and cost will be sent out shortly. The PSAT Exam will be held here on Saturday, October 14th. All Juniors need to register for the PSAT. Sophomores can also take this nationwide exam. Frankly speaking, I encourage it. To simplify everything, $50 reserves a seat.
We’ve got Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, two Parent-Teacher Conferences evenings, and more action on the tennis courts as the Spizzwinks from Yale will entertain us all.  The last time this group sang for us was in Miss Emily’s backyard-Nottingham, England.
Please keep reading these emails as T-D keeps going full Circle.
Thanks for your concern about Annemarie.
Surrounded by mums and dancin’ with pumpkins, I remain respectfully yours,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
NB: Parent Teacher Conferences
   Oct 25
   7-9 PM
   Oct 26
   7-9 PM