January 9, 2018
Infringing on the Fringe
January 11
T-D Cabaret
January 28
Dear T-D Family:
In January there will be two red letter dates.  The Infringing on the Fringe date is Thursday, January 11.  It begins at 7:30 pm and ends around 8:30 pm.  There is no charge or admission fee.  Please click here for the Program with venues listed. Any parent wanting to sponsor the Infringement can do so for $1,000.
Below is an incomplete list of student speakers:
                     Why I Love Grade 6
                     William Ohmes
                      My First Year at T-D
                      Alex Jones-Sophomore
                      You Gotta Have Art
                      Isabella Graziano-Sophomore
                      Open Doors – Open Minds – Open Hearts
                      Katie Mason-Senior
                      Making Movies and T-D
                      Andrey Gordon-Senior
                      Speaking in Public
                      Leo Murzin-Senior
                      I Can Spell It
                      Bethsheeba Pervaiz-Sophomore
                       Rocket Man
                      Jordan Mallach-Sophomore
                       It Always Feels Like Home
                       Brianna Henry-Junior
                       It Takes a Village
                       The Albanian Frenkie Boy-Sophomore
                       The Big Apple Underground
                       Spencer Neuman-Freshman
                       T-D’s World Languages
                        Rayaan Ba-Senior
                       The Albanian Renaissance
                       Ana Liko-Senior
                       Alexa Pogace-Senior
                      T-D’s Dreamscapes and My Travel Study Experiences
                      Solana Gagliano-Junior
                      T-D’s Apples and My McIntosh
                      Cecile McIntosh-Senior
                     Community Service and Outreach in Florida, Houston &
                     Puerto Rico
                     Michaela Rogers-Freshman
                    Albanian Fashion
                    Amber Corbett-Senior
                    I May Be Your Dentist Later
                    Christopher Capaccio-Senior
                    Boston University’22
The second date to circle is Sunday, January 28th from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  Specs will come to you shortly.  It is the T-D Cabaret and three hours of munching, imbibing, socializing and applauding the
T-D faculty members for their performances.  Anyone wanting to endorse this event created voluntarily by T-D’s talented teachers can do so with a $1,000 gift.  There is a fee of $50 per person for you and yours to “have fun with the faculty.”  You’ll hear more later.
          If you are on the edge, follow the Fringe.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.