February 28, 2018
March Headmaster’s Letter
Dear T-D Family,
T-D’s Summer Challenge is holding an Open House this coming Sunday, March 4th from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. Huge discounts are available for early registrants. The Challenge is co-ed and serves campers 3 – 14 years old.
On Tuesday, March 6th the Parent-Teacher Partnership will convene in the Berns Memorial Library at 7:00 PM with the Spring Gala as a big part of its ambitious agenda. “Pastries with Parents” is being offered on Wednesday, March 14th. The Breakfast Club will be using Freedom Hall as its home base. Arrive as early as 8:00 AM to enjoy the festivities.
T-D’s Ethics Bowl continues to grow with more student interest. Meetings are in the Starlight Room and the next date is March 12th. Newbies will be welcomed.
Mr. Chapin and a few T-D parents will be escorting Quincy Campbell and a few of his scribes for a Columbia University Journalism Workshop. The dates are March 14 – 16.
Our Japanese visitors arrive on March 10th and their itinerary is already out on line. Ten students from Sera High School will be here for the exchange. Six still need host families.
Just yesterday the Student Council, with Ms. Tudisco’s and Ms. Coffin’s guidance, held another afternoon meeting. Lots of activity will be forthcoming in the Spring.
Albanian Language & Culture classes will be taught every Wednesday in March in the Art Studio from 3:15 – 4:30. Over 25 students came to lesson #1. There is no fee to participate.
About 60 students will celebrate the Albanian Renaissance with an April 20th evening departure. Several have passports that need refreshing and others need visas. Ms. Bubesi will be coordinating and selecting dates shortly to visit the various governmental offices in Manhattan.
T-D’s next Arts House is Friday, March 16th at the New Rochelle Public Library with a 7:00 PM curtain. Please join Mr. Goodman and his talented music students in saluting the Japanese from Sera High School.
Got to go. Everything is turning green.
Very truly yours,
Douglas E. Fleming