Dear T-D Family,

            It was Saturday Night Live as scores and scores of T-D’s Gentry came together to honor and pay tribute to the Queen, Annemarie Licini-Paris, for her half century of service.

            Having shared so much “life space” with her and always within ear shot of her office, I can only say that no one on the T-D campus pays better or closer attention to each and every student, parent and teacher than our reigning Queen.

            Almost without a single day of absence and always answering the morning bell, the Queen could and should have been saluted in year five, ten, fifteen, twenty or any one of the previous 49 years of selfless service.

            As my right hand and the Summer Challenge camp director, the Queen has become an iconic figure in T-D’s history and lore.  T-D has been blessed with many great ladies like Emily Thornton, Cleophe Donovan, Joan Silverstein, Sandy Klein, Retha Petrosino, Ali Fanelli, Joan Mino and Virginia Keating.  Very few schools are named after a noted woman.  T-D had to be one of the first and it did so at a time when no other school close by or far away did so.  Not only does T-D have a woman’s name as its moniker, but it incorporated two ladies’ noms de plume. Extraordinaire!!

            In Annemarie’s honor, T-D will be restoring the classroom appropriately called the Chapel.  Work has actually begun already.  Once used by Catholics in the early 1900’s as a sacred place to observe mass for Beechmont residents, the Chapel was the most elegant room in our little red schoolhouse.  Tiffany stained glass windows, lots of marble and awash with natural light, the Chapel was an irresistible optic lure for all those who visited 100 Overlook Circle. When the old Chapel is brought back to life, it will be renamed the Queen’s Chapel.

            Through the rear exit door leading to the Field of Dreams there is a special magnolia tree that has dressed up the campus for many years. It was planted on Columbus Day in the year 2000. It was done so as a memorial and a way to recognize Annemarie’s parents, Mary and Joe Licini. The Licini name continues to have high recognition in New Rochelle and its environs as well as in La Rochelle, France and all the way to Paris.

                                                            Vive la Reine!!!

            Very truly yours,

            Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.          


  N.B. Any parent wanting to give a monetary gift, either small or very large, to help with the restoration of the Chapel, please call Annemarie with your credit card information or simply mail us a check. Any gift is tax deductible.