100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Alumni 2020


DEREK KAYSER ‘79, who knows where every item is located
at Stop & Shop in New Rochelle, is now retired. Derek went
on from T-D to Roger Williams in Bristol, Rhode Island.
Derek’s daughter, Rachel ‘11 followed in her dad’s footsteps,
but stepped into Vermont at UVM. Rachel ‘11, is now
working in the Big Apple at Discovery Channel and enjoying
every minute of it.

MICHAEL FANELLI ‘16, a T-D lifer just graduated from
Providence College in Rhode Island. Michael, who loved
history and politics at T-D, continued on at Providence
majoring in history. All of his Griffin classes helped pave the
way for this new aspiring Friar.

OUMOU SARR ‘18 recently visited T-D with one of her
classmates, Hudson Ardizzone-West’19. Hudson will be a
sophomore at Penn State this fall. Oumou’s sister, Amy is an
honor student at T-D and a rising junior. Oumou’s Nio Farr
announcement to help African countries on Instagram has
drawn thousands of viewers. In the fall she is returning to
George Mason University as a sophomore.

SCOTT HUNTER ‘18 came to T-D from Belize and lived in the
Campbell house with Quincy ‘19 and Jordan Campbell ‘18.
While at T-D Scott expressed great interest in becoming a
lawyer. He is now heading to the University of Central
Florida to “Dare to be wise.” He’ll make one hell of a lawyer.