After Frank Friscia’s funeral mass held at Holy Name Church this past Saturday, I, along with my family, gathered at the Larchmont Diner. There I met Rich Prunesti ’81, who was full of good stories. He spoke about Ronnie Cella, Danny Kretzchmar, MaryAnne Figur, and other characters from the early 80ies. Rich and his family live in New Rochelle. For the past 16 years he has worked for the City of New York creating and building libraries. I was pleased to learn both his parents are still living in New Rochelle. Rich spoke fondly about Mary Lou Amy and Norman Weinstein, two former teachers.

Seated one table away was a familiar face, Al Pupo. Al flew with T-D in 1970 and was part of the Famous Forty Flyers trip to France and England. He wants to send his regards to Rheiny Griesmer, who is currently living on the Island. Al lives in the Poconos.

Always good to see Alum from every era.


Douglas E. Fleming