100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Arezzo Visitors

We are now mission critical. SIX Italians still needs homes for their stay. Please contact Annemarie or Mr. Fleming 914-632-8836 as soon as you can to host one of these wonderful exchange students!


Dear T-D Family,

A very excited and charming group of student ambassadors from Arezzo will arrive here on Friday, 9.13.19. They will bring with them our three T-D ambassadors, London Bouhlev, Antonea Rufa, and Sophia Ventresca. The Italians will depart on Thursday, 9.26.19.

They all need host families but they will be kept very busy while they are here.Click here for the Itinerary.

If your family can host an Italian student please call Annemarie or myself at 914-632-8836. You can also email us. Annemarie: alicini@td.edu and my email is headmaster@td.edu.

You and your family will enjoy the experience.


Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.Headmaster