Singing the Praises of the Arts House
Dear T-D Family:
It was “the first time ever I saw her face” bring such joy to the Arts House. T-D senior Cecile McIntosh with soulful smile and scintillating eyes became the face of the fall Arts House. How appropriate it was for her to sing solo in the “Spotlight” as she was the light.
Cecile’s family makes every T-D event special and never fails to attend any school program. I still remember meeting the entire McIntosh family at the Radisson Hotel for a National Honor Society Convocation. In grade 9 many T-D family members and students did not yet know Cecile. Now the whole school knows her as she left all
T-D purring with her spot-on harmony.
T-D’s Art House attracted performers from ages 8-18 and one of the opening acts was guitar-playing Ace Perez from the Lower School. It seemed clear he was born to be right where he was. He didn’t have to “get back to where he once belonged.” What presence! What a voice! What confidence! I want to be invited to your birthday or you can sing at mine.
Ana Liko, our talented and energetic Albanian T-D senior, concertized us with a Prelude in C# Minor. All T-D families should get to know her, as she is part of the Albanian Renaissance.
Dexter Doris brings more talent to the stage than any other T-D performer. He makes his violin “speak” as beautifully as he does. His “thank you-s” to the T-D family and his classmates were most generous and kind. Listening to the audience’s reaction was as exhilarating as listening to his violin piece. Dexter Doris is as “Delightful and Delicious” as any teenager can be. He is so much more than “De-lovely” music.
The two last pieces were show stoppers as Alan Goodman’s music classes played some of the world’s least know instruments. The sounds produced by the students playing them mesmerized the audience. No one wanted to hear the end of the “The End of the Line.”
As T-D travel-study nourishes our minds, our music program pumps up our hearts.
Feeling harmonious,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.