January 18, 2018
Six Balkan Countries Beckon
Dear T-D Families:
As each day passes, more T-D students are preparing for an Albanian Renaissance with a departure date of April 20th, just about 90 days from today.
While a good number of students, some parents, and several teachers are already on board, I’m hoping for more and more.
The total cost compared to value is brilliant-$3,950.00.  All breakfasts and almost all dinners are included.  Passports will be stamped by six different countries beginning in Greece and concluding in Croatia.  It’s a Balkan Bazaar and any one of the hotels are closer to looking like a Hyatt than a Motel 6.
Should your youngster be taking any one of the 25 different Albanian Renaissance classes, coming with the T-D family on this travel-study trek can give each student a leg up on exams.  Yes!  Seems to make sense (cents) to me.  This is a traveling school and without joining the group, things lose their luster and your progeny lose out.
Please don’t tell me your family is going to Disney, Italy, some island, or worse-staying home.
The market is up and it’s a good time to sell your IBM, Apple, GWPH, T, RTN, XOM or hundreds more.
Six Balkan countries could be on your student’s resume and written about in their college essay.  I Skanderbeg you.  NUFF SAID!
Very truly yours,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.