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Dear T-D Family,

On Thursday, October 2nd the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is planning to implement a long distance learning exchange for our grades 9 – 12.  It will be the first of four dates that T-D and BAM embrace.  October 10th and 17th will both be days of implementation.  They will lead to a special workshop day delivered by BAM’s education and humanities department.

Toward the end of the month, October 30th, T-D grades 9 – 12 will travel to BAM.  A thousand pounds of salt become a punishing Middle Eastern desert, plastic tanks barrel down paper streets, and a faceless, nameless puppet emerges as a rebel hero in this work by artist Zvi Sahar.

Puppetry and hand-printed miniature sets combine with live filming and projected video feeds, as a Lilliputian universe is created and destroyed before our eyes.  In Salt of the Earth, inspired by the best selling Israeli novel “The Road to Ein Harod” by Amoz Kenan, Sahar and PuppetCinema show us a dystophic world in which the protagonist, fleeing from his country’s latest military coup, discovers the meaning of perseverance, survival, and ultimately freedom.

Zvi Sahar and Leslie Strongwater from PuppetCinema lead master classes in object theatre.  In addition to learning the basic mechanics of film and puppetry, participants are immersed in PuppetCinema’s unique aesthetic and begin to master the simplicity and ease of good storytelling.

It’s a great honor for me to help put BAM and T-D together.  Special thanks to Benoit Van Lesberghe for the glue.  All long distance learning classes on Salt of the Earth will be seen in T-D’s Digital Studio.


Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.