August 27, 2015
Headmaster Fleming

Headmaster Fleming

 Thornton-Donovan in the News (see article)


Dear T-D Family:


I received a number of calls and messages last night-all were congratulatory.  Thornton-Donovan has been ranked 26 out of New York State’s top 100 private schools and Number One in the City of New Rochelle.  Of course I am happy, but not for me.  I am happy for Thornton-Donovan.  Ratings do not mean much to me. I’ve been saying for years and years that T-D’s average SAT scores are higher than your local public school or neighboring independent one.  Does that make us good?  No!  A thousand times no!


Should you have a moment, check out the tuition scales of the top 25.  Thornton-Donovan is the lowest. Most of the others are double ours which, as you know, is less than $20,000.

No school in the top 25 does what T-D does.  T-D remains classical and specializes in thematic education.  It’s an international community and it uses the world as its classroom for all our grades K-12.


In a few days, via snail mail, you’ll receive our 2015-2016 infomercial.  It’s all about following in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra in a yearlong effort aptly named From Hoboken to Hollywood and On to Havana.  Twenty five new courses, taught only at T-D, are now available to most 6-12 T-D students. The Lower School will also have many thematic courses.


Many T-D teachers have been on the Circle for five, ten, twenty and thirty years.  All of them know how to dare and to go where their colleagues in the top 25 schools have yet dared to go.


Most of you who read the Acorns to Oaks piece will be impressed with the pages of high fives.  So am I.  I’m not surprised about the achievements of the acorns of 2015.  I am delighted to see how many of our oaks are touching the sky.


Most schools and schoolmasters have to entertain Sisyphean tasks.  But for me, Iceland, Sinatra, Ecuador and Mongolia are just a real part of my Sagittarian wanderlust.


Gettin’ ready to launch!
Very truly yours,
Douglas Fleming
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.


N.B.  Looking for: Donations of full sized keyboards in good condition.  Host families for six international students.