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100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Blue Notes


More Notes from the Blue Note

T-D’s Pet Corner is Up and Running!

There are chickens and tortoises and bunnies and cats and dogs up on the Pet Page click here http://td.edu/pet-corner/ and we need more! Send in a picture of your beast-bestie and we’ll put him/her/up on our page. Your pets make you feel good, now let them make us ALL feel good. Make sure you give us your name and your buddy’s name. You can submit to either agoodman@td.edu or mr.p@td.edu. Let’s fill the T-D website with fur, fins, feathers and good cheer!

We are still accepting submissions for our planned ‘Virtual Arts House’. So far the numbers have been a little disappointing, but there is still plenty of time. Simply record yourself doing your thing and send it to me! I KNOW there is a lot of pent-up talent among our family—speaking of which, your family is welcome to join in on the fun. Think of this Arts House as TD’s version of America’s Funniest Home Videos!

Lower School Beat Box contest update: So far have only received one entry! Come on guys, we can do better than that—record your skills and send ’em on in!

Stay Safe and See you Soon,
Mr. Goodman


New Notes from the Blue Note 

Well the Blue Note Room is pretty quiet these days, counting down the days until we’re all back making a joyous racket. In the meantime though, the beautiful noise doesn’t need to stop. We are announcing the first ever Virtual Arts House! Here’s what you can do to:

Share your talent with us via a video recording and we’ll put you up on the Website in a corner created just for T-D Talent!

I am also looking into the logistics of doing a Facebook Live type performance where we can all be linked and do a show! For right now though, simply send me a recording of you doing “that thing you do,” whatever it is! agoodman@td.edu is where you can send your recordings and Mr. Paris and I will get them up pronto.

Piano, guitar, singing, yodeling, beatboxing, poetry, stories about your home adventures during this time—anything you want to share, we want to see and hear. 

But wait-there’s more! We are setting up a T-D-PETS corner in the website as well. Send in pics or vids of your pets-dogs, cats, birds, snails, slugs, wombats—whatever you got, send us your name and your pet’s name and we’ll post it for all the T-D family to enjoy! Just now I am sending in pics of our tortoise Tortellini and our bunny Theo…the tortoise and the hare in my living room! (Sadly they don’t really care for each other!) Send your pet pics to the same email address above. 

Hope to see you soon, the ‘Ukuleles are missing you!

 Mr. Goodman