Dear T-D Family,

Yes, it was raining and it was hard to want to go out anywhere. It was the Gala but Saturday night could have been rain out theater. Not much seemed right as the Yacht didn’t float and the Fountain was flooded. From the seashore to deep inside the Sound Shore, 150 Thornton-Donovan School patrons forgot about life for a while.

It was a reverse e pluribus unum – out of many – one. The Spring Gala went from one Aly Fanelli to as many as a dozen Aly Fanellis and it made the Fountainhead the best party in a very wet Queen City of the Sound.

It turned out to be a Wykagyl wonder. The Fountainhead produced a well of good fortune as T-D’s mainstreamers gushed throughout the four hours of fun, frolicking and fundraising. The rain couldn’t dampen the spirit, and the spaciousness of the site and the setting allowed everyone the life-space needed for four hours of T-D quality time. Yes, T-D raised a fair amount of money and a few parents reached into their wet pockets giving more wetbacks than they could afford.

There weren’t many dry faces in this house. There were a few speeches, a few announcements and a few pronouncements. The Bids for Kids went well as many T-D supporters paddled and paddled, while others too seriously took on the condor like theme for the evening.

With a D.J. pumping out sounds from the Sinatra era to today’s top twenty, there were more happy feet on the dance floor than I could count. More than that, there was a tide of goodwill created by a parent body that gushed with every rain drop about a night that was like the desert needing the rain.

The food spoke for itself. The steaks were thicker than Ruth’s Chris prepares and the service better than any banquet or ballroom facility I’ve frequented over the past half century.

Yes, there was water, water everywhere on Quaker Ridge Road in New Rochelle on Saturday night. Much to everyone’s surprise, inside the Fountainhead, two eagles flew through the red band of a rainbow-sticking their tongues out because of the rain.

Next year it will pour sunshine and with great joy flowing not a dry eye in the house to be found. Put it on your “bucket list” and someone tell the President of Albania that a smiling grey eagle is coming – come rain or come shine.

Flowing with gratitude,

Douglas E. Fleming