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If you fill out this form, someone will contact you by phone within 48 hours to take payment information and reconfirm everything. It will save time! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE ENTIRE FORM. If you do not get a confirmation page and confirmation e-mail, please fix required fields and resubmit.

All Summer School subjects are $40 per hour. Complete fully accredited courses begin July 10th.  There is a limit of four classes ($1,200).

Please call the school at 914-632-8836 to sign up for summer school.


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It is free in Lower Westchester. Call if you have questions.

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As the parent or guardian of the above listed child, I give THORNTON-DONOVAN CAMP permission to apply the sunscreen product I have supplied in my child's bag. I understand that sunscreen may be applied to exposed skin, including but not limited to the face, except eyelids, tops of ears, bare shoulders, arms, and legs.

My child's sunscreen will remain at the camp for daily use until the end of the program. At the end of the program any remaining sunscreen will be sent home with the child. I will be notified if my child runs out of sunscreen.

Please check the box below if you have read above and agree. 

If there are medical reasons not to apply sunscreen to certain areas, please list those areas and reasons below. Type NONE for no exceptions.

The Summer Challenge staff shall not be responsible for dispensation of medication of any kind to any camper.

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