March 25, 2019


Dear T-D Families,

Our Japanese visitors from Sera are dancing with happy feet and special thanks go out from Thornton-Donovan to all of our host families.Last Wednesday I thought I’d see Wicked¬†along with our exchange students and a few T-D regulars, but I couldn’t say no to a host family parent and happily surrendered my seat. Wicked has been on Broadway for 15 years and attracted enthusiasts from all over our world. Lord knows no one in Sera, Japan knew of it-but now watch out. All Sera students gave Wicked a most wonderful review and loved the dancing more than anything else.

Friday night T-D traveled by train out of New Rochelle to the “Orchard” and walked over to the Japan Society. Joining us were three T-D alums – Katie Mason’18, Liam Gorbutt’18 and Andrew Breazna’17. All three were and are former T-D exchange students and serious Sera enthusiasts.

Katie still speaks some Japanese. Liam wants to major in it as he spent one school year in the Hiroshima prefecture. Andrew loved Sera so much; he got his mom to be an exchange mom.

On Friday of last week, with a 7:30 pm curtain, the T-D/Sera group was able to enjoy a most unique dance performance. It was entitled Cross Transit and was directed by Akiko Kitamura. No one in the T-D entourage had ever seen anything like it. It was a multimedia dance piece with photos, video, voice, and personal experiences; all intertwined within the choreography. Comments about the show and questions about the subject matter were all in the air at the reception for special guests held immediately after the curtain fell.On

Saturday my wife and I got to SUNY Purchase – Andrew Breazna’s current digs. A very kind Thornton-Donovan parent made us their beneficiaries and we were able to see Shen Yun, the “Geico” of dance groups. No one advertises more than these two, but Shen Yun is 15 percent better. Great seats, great performances, great talent, great digital backdrops and great music all made for a great Saturday afternoon. Thanks!

During the past week, I very unexpectedly bumped into (literally) Max Orlov’07 and where of all places pray tell? One World was the place. Max looked and sounded great. He was assigned to do work at One World for a company called Oxigen. Max still resides in Riverdale and can be found on Facebook.Out of nowhere I received an email invitation to Washington, D.C. to join in a graduation ceremony for Nyuma Harrison who came to T-D from Zambia many years ago. In May, Nyuma will receive her Masters Degree in leadership from Georgetown. Her dream is to return back home to Africa and utilize her newly acquired skills. I also received another graduation invitation only this one came via snail mail. Davea Angela Foster Livingstone’10 will receive her J.D. from Columbia School of Law and her graduation party will be held on Saturday, June 1 at the Marina Del Rey in the Bronx. Congrats to Davea, her sister Dianne, her dad Dr. Dave and the entire family.

My week was full of Japanese, Americans, Russians, Chinese, Mongolians and Zambians. 

Never stop dancin’.

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.