December 4, 2017
Headmaster’s December Letter
Dear T-D Family,
A number of you have been asking about Annemarie and her health. I’m greatly relieved to say she is back on terra firma and ready to help one and all.
Just prior to the Thanksgiving break, Annemarie, my wife, and I along with a few T-D family members attended the funeral mass for Sara Keating, Virginia Keating’s mother. It was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. The entire T-D family extends its condolences to the entire Keating family. Having been to too many funeral services, I couldn’t quite believe how many people-on a work day- took time to pay their respects.
The last Friday in November about 50 T-D upper classmen got to visit the gallery of a most accomplished Albanian artist, George Pali. His gallery is located in Stamford, CT near a beautiful waterside. The setting truly befitted the impressiveness of his gallery and the art that was exhibited inside.
The very next day, Saturday, Mrs. Bubesi and several of her Fashion Class students, traveled to the Big Apple for the Louis Vuitton exhibit. Tickets are tough to get and getting to the facility was not an easy trek, but the students would tell you well-worth it.
Today, Monday, T-D’s Architectural Class traveled by train to 216 W. 44th Street. It is the world in miniature, and I can assure you it’s a big deal, great for a visit during the holidays and great family fun. Allot at last an hour and a half to check it out.
On Wednesday and Thursday, several students will be competing for travel-study money which will partially offset the cost of the Albanian Renaissance Experience in April by $1000 or $2000. The “Love” will be given out on Sunday, December 10th, at the International Heritage Dinner at Christ Church in Bronxville. Students of all ages can compete. I hope Ace Perez of the 3rd Grade tries out.
T-D’s annual Open House is held the same day as the Heritage Dinner.¬†Should you have a good friend whose family thinks globally, please recommend the school. The Open House is from 2-4 PM. As an aside, T-D is looking for three Middle or Upper Schoolers to spend 7-10 days in Guatemala as student ambassadors.
Many thanks to Ginny Light, the Livingstones, and Eli Aneiro-Tanner and his family for hosting our international students for dinner, theatre, and sporting events. Clearly T-D can do more and if you want to brighten up your living room, dining room or any social event, consider any student from the group of Albanians, Germans or Belizeans.
T-D’s Albanian Renaissance is selling now. See almost half of the Balkan States and spend almost one week in Albania. All breakfasts and 14 dinners are included in the $3998 price.
T-D’s Holiday Luncheon will be held at The Larchmont Yacht Club, one of the most opulent settings on the Sound. Grades K-12 are invited to purchase admittance to the luncheon which will be held on Thursday, December 21st. Fair warning-this event always sells out.
My best to our K-12 crowd and to all those in front of our classes who make this school a happy home.
I hope to see you on December 10th or December 21st. If for some reason we do not connect, I hope the peace and serenity that surrounds T-D surrounds you, your homes, and your family.
Very truly yours,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.