Dear T-D Family,

In a large room not large enough for the Thornton-Donovan family most of those who arrived as the curtain rose were able to cheer in unison for all the T-D performers when the lights darkened and everyone savored the best “damn” two hours of one “hell” of an Arts House Café.

Students from around the corner and around the world, representing more countries than I could scribe, and speaking more languages than the Rosetta Stone folks offer, all melded together into one. From ages five up to 18, the T-D student body put harmony in everyone’s heart.

It seems like all Alan Goodman productions create such good tidings and good will that everyone leaves relishing the night that was. Regardless of how talented and gifted T-D performers are or how much natural ability they have, Alan Goodman brings out the best in everyone and all those in the T-D audience depart as winners and all with dovish smiles.

While last Friday was T-D’s final Arts House, there will be another opportunity for the T-D family to enjoy T-D’s performers and, of course, I am referring to the Fringe which is scheduled for Saturday, June 8th.
The Fringe will begin at 10:00 am in the popular Game Truck and other multiple venues. It will conclude with the Fashion Show, beginning at 5:00 pm. l hope Thornton-Donovan families plan to spend the entire Saturday on campus as dozens of students will showcase their music, art, poetry, song, photographs, travel experience, films, outside interests and hobbies. All five T-D buildings will be utilized and food and drink will be available at reasonable rates for one and all. There’s every reason to stay and no reason to go home before the last venue.

Customarily at graduation, students are recognized for unusual achievements and presented certificates and plaques in recognition. Awards Day will now be incorporated into the Fringe with a time yet to be announced.

On Wednesday of this week, several students from Mr. Goodman’s music classes and Mrs. Bubesi’s art classes will be in the City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Jewish Museum. Expect more info on the field trip shortly.

Don’t worry; be appy!

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.