Thornton-Donovan School’s Ethics Bowl Team has once again been invited to participate in the Manhattanville College High School Ethics Bowl, to be held on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

As Siobhan Nash-Marshall, Manhattanville’s Mary T. Clark Chair of Christian Philosophy, explains:

Ethics bowls are similar to debates, though rather than being assigned a position, students are invited to think through tough moral and political issues using their own judgment, and are assessed according to the excellence with which they tend to the moral nuances of the cases, and present logical justifications for their positions.

Beyond having the potential to improve students’ standardized test scores, ethics bowls truly have the power to transform America’s political culture, as well as the lives of student participants.

Intercollegiate Ethics Bowls have been practiced for two decades, but high school ethics bowls are a much newer phenomenon. The Manhattanville College Ethics Bowl would be the second in our area, and we have the support and encouragement of several institutions working to spread high school bowls across the US, including the Squire Family Foundation, the University of North Carolina’s Parr Center for Ethics (where the annual National High School Ethics Bowl is held each spring), and the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (which also hosts the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl). Regional winners qualify to participate in the National Bowl.

T-D’s Ethics Bowl Team has a running start! This year’s members, including Jordan Campbell, Michael Stack, Jordan Drew, Xavier Rogers, Francesca Del Gais, Ali Chaudhary, Andrew Breazna, and Naya Brown-Yohay, will meet weekly with Coach Ginny Light to discuss issues from the official case pool from which the competition cases will be drawn.

For additional information on the National High School Ethics Bowl, please go to: