June 5, 2017
Stairway to Heaven-Arts House Cafe
Dear T-D Family:
It’s Sunday and I haven’t got time for the rain. Thank God so many
T-D family members got to the Arts House Friday night.  It was a SRO kind of night – not a seat to be found.
Al Goodman along with Rebecca Coupe Franks had only the best intentions in spot lighting T-D’s most talented and aspiring performers from ages 5-19, I might add.  If the road to heaven is paved with good intentions, the Arts House orchestration should take T-D’s two music mavens right up the staircase.
OK-so it was somewhat lengthy and extended, but how you gonna’ keep ’em off of the stage after they dreamt of the spotlight and applause all year long?
Every Arts House is full of new talent and stars always get into the audience’s eyes.  The Andean Overture was a real kick.  Dexter Doris, Tal Steiner and Leo Murzin performing “Serenade in G major” was G-G-G Great.
Luca Ardizzone-West and Tal Steiner performed beautifully with everything in sync.  Brianna Henry hit all the right notes and Joshua Nadorf’s “50 Ways” was 50 ways as good as the original.
One of my real favs was Mila Mabhongo, an eighth grader from South Africa.  Her stage presence was magnetic and her voice as charming as her smile.  What a gift!
Any Arts House without Lady Grace Kretzmer falls short.  There on the New Rochelle Public Library stage, Lady Grace did it again.
His second appearance on the stage doing “Sarabonde in D Minor” was d-d-d-delicious.  The piano seems to befit Dexter Doris, but please do not put down the violin.
The program’s Third Part performance pieces were all first class from my point of view. “Chaska,” “Sugar” and “Hello Summer” all worked to perfection.
If you were there to the end you know every minute sitting on your cushy tushy was worth it.  Scott Paris did an Art & Science of Gaming class presentation.  It was much more than mildly entertaining.  It was wildly entertaining and totally illuminating.  I believe Scott’s kids, Jordan Drew, Aiden Stewart, Beth Pervaiz, Abdul Keshinro and Mazin Fawzy can solve the Bermuda Triangle puzzle.
All in all, the evening was a great way for the sun to set on the Andes and all of T-D’s condors to return home to their nests.
The entire program was so long, so good and somewhat “INXS” that I almost forgot my name.  When asked by an unknown audience member, I simply said you can call me, call me Al.  Al Franks Paris sounds heavenly.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.