100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Friends Near and Far

Subject:Cherry Blossoms🌸💮🌺

Dear Doug and T-D Family:
Thank you for all your concerns.
Everyone in Sera is fine. Suddenly, all Japanese high schools 🗾were closed on March 2nd, but the new semester begins on Monday in next week, as planned.⛩️
However, high school in Tokyo🗼 starts on May 7th.
 In addition, all school events  in my school in  this year have been canceled.
 When will this pandemic end?🌈
 I hope you come to Japan in June.🗾⛩️ I  look forward to seeing you again.😸
 It is a very beautiful season with cherry blossoms in full bloom.💮
I will send you  pictures of the cherry blossom.🌸 Are the cherry blossoms at your school also blooming?🌺


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Subject: Note of appreciation!

Dear Mrs. Miller and Mr. Fleming,

Starting today March 26, 2020, Max’s class started a formal online video chat. The attendance was at 80-90%. We have tested it for 2 days first with 2-3 kids. We know Ms Colangelo and Mrs. Miller had to put in extra effort to research, learn and do-it-yourself on the way. During Today’s session, we noticed how so smooth and natural going it was for the kids. During the session, children interacted, interrupted each other, laughed, told a bit about their experiences of their lives since this new normal started. Miss Colangelo guided, lead, and controlled the conversations very smoothly despite the interruptions by our kids who were full of energy and excitement. She is really a natural 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

Live interactions are extremely important for kids and adults alike. These days, what matters most for our kids is developing their emotional intelligence and capability to adapt to unexpected situations.

Ms. Colangelo did achieve that objective successfully. We just wanted to thank all the staff of TD for upping the game during this time of crisis and continuing to provide education to them.

Best Regards

Patricia Leon Fedak and Deepak Sahi


Subject: As the world turns, so do our heads. (Over this CV)

Good afternoon Mr. Fleming,

I hope you and everyone else right now are well amidst this coronavirus pandemic. If not for nothing, it truly tested and continues to test our collective ability to come together, to share our advances and technologies, to be thinking about others and know our place in the whole scheme of things.

Side note, I found out as I’m sure by now you too that Isreal is quarantining all passenger arrivals for 14 days and closed off all religious and public tourists sites. I don’t expect mid April to change only worse case with the USA. I’ll be surprised if they allow us in.

Well, I have not be idle the least with house work, researching w colleagues and reading other foreign news updates since this began in Feb for me. I had hoped with warming weather and humidity it might help the USA, unfortunately based on what I’ve been reading and following, Singapore, Vietnam and some Africa countries have the CV and it’s still growing. So best to keep universal precautions with news advice and “flatten the curve.” It’s still all so surreal at times.

I’ll share something with you, I shared w Chloe.

Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the virus bite. sweet dreams, puffy creams, don’t forget to scream! !!! Nighty night, time to flight, but too bad airports all tight! Scream!!!

I wrote this lonely night two weeks ago.

Agh!, it’s a lonely night
In the city that never sleeps
Silent as the darkness
Muffled Times Square

The once busy city
Unrecognizable in its stillness
A bird without a song
A string without a chord

My sneeze seems
To echo so many silent voices
Wanting to say “Bless you”
But afraid to spread the virus

We are here today
Like a subject in a landscape
Painted to look small
The buildings menacingly tall

Dwarfed by a microscopic enemy,
invisible until now
It entered into the world stage
While stealing our breath

And forcing us to watch
It’s performance
A dark shadow stranger to
Science, not to the news

Holds us against our wishes
Maintaining health and order
We are brought to our knees
In pain and surrender

So every mighty city
Once thriving metropolises
Are suddenly stone cold
Frozen by a virus Medusa

(Medusa is a Gorgon but wasn’t compatible I felt w poem)

Continue to have the best health and wisdom as you lead our school

Daniel Chen

Hello Mr Fleming

Its Benjamin Selfe all the way from little old New Zealand.

I hope you are doing well, and the school, despite this pandemic. Even though everyone I got to see there has probably long since graduated, I’m sure the place still attracts the same kind of creative and kind people I had the privilege to know.

We are currently under lock-down here in NZ so I now have too much spare time at home, I have been well I am still pursuing the things I enjoy, just before Christmas I was part of a Gilbert and Sullivan show that went on tour throughout the country (not one show in particular, but a selection of songs from many with a minor plot to connect them). 

My family does shows here at out house. and we are both a venue for other shows and we make our own, if you want to check us out here is the link www.facebook.com/dairyfactory  in Norsewood, you might find a few clips of me singing from the show (you have been warned, haha) 

I saw on the news how things are in the states and I wanted to check how you were, 

Jessica (or Jennifer as you called her) sends her love and hopes you and the school is doing well.

We both remember everything we did there fondly and some things still crack us up with laughter.

Kind regards 

Benjamin Selfe 

New Zealand

Subject: Beat the Corona!

Have you been ok?
I can’t believe the situation in NY.
We really worry about you, your family and TD.
I hope everyone is fine.
Please take care of yourself.

If there is something that I can do for you, please tell me.
I’m always one of the TD’s student, also your son.

Japanese Vaccine Masato

Dear Mr. Fleming,

I wanted to let you know how much you, Annemarie and the entire faculty are appreciated by our family for going above and beyond the call of duty in making the transition to distant learning a smooth one.  Eventhough we are not all together in the physical sense the T-D community is as strong as ever and we will continue to make the best of these uncertain circumstances.

We hope you and your family continue to stay safe.

Best regards,

The Nadorf Family