The Fringe 2018 is Coming!
Saturday June 2
Click Here for the Informational Flyer
Dear Fringe Binger,
Saturday June 2 from 8:30 AM-6:00 PM, the Fringe kicks in for the entire school community. The Fringe is Fun! The Fringe is Family. The Fringe is full of activities, events, and the unexpected. It’s a red lettered day-not to be missed-for parents and students alike.
T-D students will be performing and presenting throughout the day along with Japanese drummers, marching bands, Mongolian folk dancers, and horseback riding to name just a few of the entertainments in store. Please refer to the Flyer for a more complete schedule.
This year, some of T-D’s most celebrated faculty have created plays, presentations, and, of course, there will be Mrs. Bubesi’s Fashion Show. The entire campus will become an outdoor stage full of “infringements.” Please click here for the complete menu for the Breakfast at the Whitehouse. Please click here for the cast of the original production, Kornucopia! -The Case of the Disappearing Genres. The Student Council will be making five presentations of countries in six continents- Asia & Oceana 10-11 AM, Europe 11 AM-12 PM, Africa 12-1 PM, North America 1-2 PM and South America 2-3 PM.
The Lower School will also be integral to the day. Please click here for the presenter’s list. The Lower School will present from 9:45-10:30 AM.
Hot dogs, burgers, and foods from around the world await you.
There is truly nothing like The Fringe. Just dare to be there.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.