8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Dear T-D Families:

Most T-D families are keenly aware what the T-D faculty does each day to make this special place a better place. Rarely, however, does the parent body realize how much the student body does to do the same.

The Fringe Festival on Sunday, June 4th will showcase dozens and dozens of T-D students speaking about their classes, extracurricular activities, personal passions, outreach efforts, and unrealized goals.

Each of over 40 different venues will be interactive and last about 20 – 30 minutes. All of T-D buildings will be opened and the entire campus used as a backdrop for each of the day’s events.

It begins with breakfast at the White House with Leo Murzin’18, a rising senior, and T-D’s most noted citizen chef. Breakfast is at 8:30 am and the cost is prix fix at $20.00. Only 12 seats are available and on a first-come, first-paid basis.

Parents may come for one or as many venues as they like. Parents may come and go or come for breakfast, have lunch at T-D, and leave just before dinner time. Everything except breakfast and lunch is free.

T-D’s Fashion Show will be the finale. Customarily it is a part of the Arts House endeavor which, by the way, is Friday, June 2nd at the New Rochelle Public Library.

Don Johnson will be handling our outdoor barbeque luncheon. Hot dogs and burgers will be available throughout the afternoon (12:00 noon – 5:00 PM).

Listed below are most of the venues that are already in place with the time and location:



8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

8:30 AM Breakfast at the White House Meditation Room

SHARP! Junior Leo Murzin’18 – Master Chef

Restricted to 12 guests – $20.00 per guest – menu to follow

9:00 AM Sky Rockets in Sight – Fleming-Winter House Sundance Room

Senior Greg Livingstone’17

9:15 AM Growing up T-D – Blue Note Room

Senior Nikki D’Annunzio’17

9:30 AM It Feels Like Winter – Sunrise Room

Headmaster Fleming discusses Lumen Martin Winter’s Art and

Impending exhibit of his work at the Long Island American Art

Museum with a June 23rd opening date

9:45 AM From Middle to Upper School – Chapel

Freshman Jordan Mallach’20

10:00 AM Science Fair winners discuss their exhibits – Life Sciences Lab

Rayaan Ba’19 and Danial Chaudhary’21

10:15 AM Why I Love Math – 345 Room

Freshman Rosie Kotlowicz’20

10:30 AM The Overlook Journal – The Chapel

Junior Quincy Campbell’18, Editor

10:45 AM The T-D Lower School – Rama Room

The Ohmes Family

11:00 AM If I Were A Rich Man – New York Stock Exchange

Main Building – Berns Memorial Library

Senior Ben Rufa’17

11:15 AM My Interest in Broadcasting – Vox Box

Andrew Breazna’17

11:30 AM How are things in Guatemala? – Twain Room

Sophomore Rebecca Sparer’19 – T-D Ambassador

11:45 AM Psychologist of the future – Blue Note Room

Jane Kessler’23

12:00 PM Digital Art Show – Digital Studio

T-D teacher Steve Giacobello

12:15 PM The Overlook Journal – The Chapel

Sophomore Taylor Marsico’19

12:30 PM T-D Summer Challenge Day Camp – Twain Room

Faculty member Christine Richy

12:45 PM My First Movie – Resource Room

Junior Andre Gordon’18

1:00 PM Poetry readings from Soundings – T-D’s 2017 literary magazine

Main Building – Starlight Room

Various Sounding authors

1:15 PM Looking at America – Yebo Room

Senior Lisa Kirabo’17

1:30 PM My T-D Decade – Patio Professorio

Senior Gavin Tomlinson’17

1:45 PM Flag Waving – Berns Memorial Library

8th grader Spencer Neuman’21

2:00 PM Digital Art Show – Digital Studio

T-D teacher Steve Giacobello

2:00 PM It’s Debatable – Starlight Room

T-D’s Ethics Club and Debate Club

Junior Jordan Campbell’18

2:15 PM T-D Almost My Way – Patio Professorio

T-D Parent & Trustee Aurora Breazna and Andres Breazna

2:30 PM You Gotta Have Art – Art Studio

8th grader Marine Teyssionniere de Gramont’21

2:45 PM Student Council – Patio Professorio

Femi Copeland’17

3:00 PM Fraternal Violins – Vox Box

Dexter Doris’23 and Andrew Breazna’17

3:15 PM Traveling with T-D as a parent – Patio Professorio

T-D parent Sheila Small

3:30 PM Renewable Energy – Life Sciences Lab

Renee Reyes’17

3:45 PM Glory Days Enthuses Me – Resource Room

Eli Aneiro-Tanner’19

4:00 PM The Art and Science of Gaming – Digital Studio

Aidan Stewart’21

4:15 PM The House of the Rising Sun – Starlight Room

T-D junior Katie Mason’18

4:30 PM The Red Carpet

Almira Bubesi with T-D’s Peruvian and Ecuadorian models

Names attached




10:00 AM Janet Marie Fleming’83

to Noon T-D On The Move


11:30 AM T-D Polyamorous – World Languages

Janine Peroune’17

12:00 Noon All Good Sports

Xavier Rogers’18

12:30 PM Chris Capaccio’18

Hamlet Soliloquy – “To Be Or Not To Be”

1:00 PM Catch Me If You Can

Spelling Bee Winner Bethsheeba Pervaiz

1:30 PM Going to a T-D sister school in Israel

Sophomore Rebecca Sparer’19

2:00 PM T-D’s Co-Valedictorians – The Past and the Present

Greg Livingstone’17 & Gavin Tomlinson’17

2:30 PM My T-D – Better and Better

Sarah Neuschotz’19


2:00 PM – Looking Back

4:00 PM Lauren Susan Fleming Telesco’84


3:00 PM Why a sister school in Argentina excites me

Errol Lipton

3:30 PM Coming to America

Mila Mabhongo’21

4:00 PM T-D Jazz Ensemble

Chris Capaccio’18 Liam Gorbutt’18 Andrew Breazna’17


SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2017


12:00 PM – Digital Art Show

2:00 PM Digital Studio

10:00 AM – Graffiti Art

4:00 PM Outside Vox Box

10:00 AM – Renewable Energy Exhibit

4:00 PM Freedom Hall

10:00 AM – Student’s Art Exhibit – Art Studio

4:00 PM Mrs. Bubesi

12:00 PM – LUNCH: Hot Dogs – Burgers – Drinks

4:00 PM Behind the White House


3:00 PM – T-D Then & Now – T-D Tennis Court

T-D Lower School – Cast attached

4:30 PM – T-D’s Fashion Show – Asphalt Runway

3:00 PM – T-D Then & Now – T-D Tennis Court

On June 4th, the Lower School will be presenting a brief synopsis of the history of Thornton-Donovan called, T-D Then and Now. We will see the school through Judge Martin Jerome Keogh eyes in 1901 and travel to 2017 to our current school. We may even conjure up a visit from Emily Scott Thornton, Thornton-Donovan’s first headmistress.

June 4th Then and Now Cast

Narrator- Jun Mairs

Emily Thornton-Claire Bramel

Cleophe Donovan-Bellicima Promuto

Judge Keogh- William Ohmes

Mrs. Keogh- Vianne Allman

Mr. Morgan- livery stable owner-Tej Singh

Poetry teacher- Brittany Rose

Poetry students- Amena Chaudhary, Daniela Preston

French teacher- Lucille Macphee

French students-Mongi Mabhongo, Phiko Mabhongo, Vincent Aranda

Music teacher- Aaron Bagwell

Music class-Alvin Ngumi, Cameron Brooks

Douglas Fleming Jr.- Philip Schellhammer

Kindergarten student 1- Anastasia Reid

Kindergarten student 2- Joel Glickman-Rosen

Kindergarten student 3- Adam Kries

Stagecoach passengers- Rory Alverca, Maximus Sahi

Bus passengers- Jordan Brooks, Gianna Promuto

Supporting cast-Christopher Timlin, Janiah Charan, Paul McGovern, Ethan Miringa,

4:30 PM T-D’s Fashion Show – Asphalt Runway


Emcee – Annemarie Licini-Paris


Rory Alverca Adam Kries


  1. Emily Bodkin Rosie Kotlowicz
  2. Solana Gagliano Kristen Narain
  3. Isabella Graziano Solana Gagliano
  4. Maya Dominguez Maya Dominguez
  5. Oumou Sarr Oumou Sarr
  6. Ciera De Vivo Ciera De Vivo
  7. Marine Teyssoniere de Gramont Marine Teyssoniere de Gramont
  8. Rosie Kotlowicz Nikki D’Annunzio
  9. Olufemi Copland Amber Corbett
  10. Nicole Liverzani Lisa Kirabo
  11. Isabella Graziano Joanna Teyssoniere de Gramont
  12. Nicole Meyers Nicole Meyers
  13. Almira Bubesi Renee Reyes
  14. Diale Takona Diale Takona
  15. Jordan Campbell Jordan Campbell
  16. Andrea Alverca Andrea Alverca


ESCORTS – Ben Rufa, Rayaan Ba, Gavin Tomlinson, Chris Miles, Leo Murzin