April 7, 2018

Gala Donations and Letter
Dear Parents, Faculty & Friends of T-D,
We are delighted to share our plans for the annual Gala Fundraiser to be held at the Fountainhead on Saturday, May 19th.  This new location, where we held the Gala last year, provides even more space for the festivities and we hope that many of you will join us! Each family already has 2 tickets. To enhance your fun, please feel free to invite friends and family at an additional cost of $125 per person.
As a non-profit institution, Thornton-Donovan is dependent on a diverse array of crucial income sources to support its day-to-day operations. Without an endowment or government support, we need to rely exclusively on private donations, revenue from tuition, the Summer Challenge Camp and ancillary activities like those of the PTP. Although sustaining these revenues at the optimal level can be a challenge, the PTP is hopeful we will all come together in support of our school.
The Gala Committee is busy, soliciting auction donations from retailers, merchants and associations both locally and nationally and we would welcome additional support from within the extended T-D family. We need to be resourceful in giving ideas, talent, time and/or fiscal resources to maintaining and enhancing a vibrant, unique educational experience for our children.
Here are some ideas:
  • Dessert of the Month- If you are a chef or baker you could provide a Dessert or Bread of the Month!
  • A Cocktail Party– Get together with a few friends or your gourmet group to host a cocktail party for 10 couples in your home. This auction item has been a huge success in years past and really brings the community together.
  • Talent to Share– Are you an artist, chef, coach, etc? Give lessons to an adult or child who would love to learn more about your craft.
  • Golf Outings– Dads love this! If you belong to a golf club, please consider donating a foursome.
  • Do you own a vacation home?- Do you have a summer or weekend home? Most of us don’t, but we’d love to bid on a weekend getaway to yours!
  • Tickets! To Broadway, Off- Broadway, Concerts, Sporting Events, etc.
  • Gift Certificates- to restaurants, spas/salons health clubs, etc. These are always a big hit!
  • Underwriting Opportunities- several options exist. Sponsor part of the evening, dessert, cocktail hour. Sponsor printing services , entertainment or decorations.
If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Marissa Kretzmer at tdptp2017@gmail.com 
If you are aware of some businesses that might donate, click here to print a donation receipt letter.
Thanks so much for your continued support of T-D PTP sponsored events.