Day 2

Today, with the help of Andrew Veniopoulos of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, all the hard hats working on Calatrava’s masterpiece at the World Trade site paused for the T-D family to enter Saint Nicholas. When completed, Saint Nicholas will become a major tourist attraction with magnificent as the best word to describe it. It may turn out to be Manhattan’s most glorious attraction. All 80 of T-D’s Glory Days travelers inscribed their names with black magic markers with forever as the intention. I’m sure many students will return to the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shrine upon completion later this year.

Lunch at the Irish-American Pub was more like a party than anything else. Two T-D alumni were on hand. Alana Tierney ’03 was our featured speaker. As an ADA working in Brooklyn, much of Alana’s work has to do with victims of child abuse. Her words could not have been more poignant and meaningful. No daughter could honor thy father more than Alana Tierney. Her dad, who is deceased, worked long and hard to have Alana here. He often reminded his young and charming daughter that his best decision was putting Alana in T-D. Donald Tierney was a really good and interesting character. Accompanying Alana was her aunt who initially recognized a few T-D teachers as she was on T-D’s Mentor Meeting Telemachus travel-study jaunt in 2001.

Over a handful of T-D travel-study scholarship recipients circled around Seth Borko ’08, an American University grad, Morgan employee and now a member of a small firm of 40 doing research on travel. Seth is directly linked to the Kern family and thus somewhat responsible for the yearly Ralph W. Kern T-D travel-study grants.

Our underground surfing took us to the West Village and at 86 Bedford T-D entered a former speakeasy – Chumley’s restaurant. T-D is the only school to benefit from an informative narration by its resident historian James DiPola. I first went to Chumley’s with a former T-D valedictorian George Brokaw ’08 and his dad. In brief, it is a literary cathedral.

Several of the T-D family continued on and walked through the Village, toured the Salmagundi Club where Lumen Martin Winter’s art pieces were usually on exhibit and then finally got to the Village East Cinema to see The Greatest Show, Hugh Jackman, in all his glory.
Rumor has it that there will be snow today. I’m sure T-D will continue its pilgrimage with the eighth grade feeling the Glory Days radiating.

Tomorrow grades 8 – 12 will visit an Albanian church in Hartsdale, have lunch in the Galleria in White Plains, and enjoy the ambiance of the Unitarian Church in the same city.

So far everything has been glorious.

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.