100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Glory Days Introduction

January 6, 2020

Hello Everyone:

I hope your New Year wasn’t too “hoppy” and all is well on the Circle.

While Glory Days is still several weeks away, I wanted to alert everyone. You’ll notice on the January calendar that the afternoon of the 31st, the last day of mid-term week, Glory Days opens. For the week of February 3 – 7 all students in grades 9 – 12 will be visiting spiritual sites – churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and cemeteries. Sometimes students will be bussed, other visits will require mass transit, and one day will be mostly on foot.

Please consider Glory Days as vital as all other school days and appointments should not be made on any single day between Monday, February 3rd and Friday, February 7th.

On the last two days of Glory Days, grade 8 will participate. I am referring specifically to Thursday, February 6th and Friday, February 7th. 

Please understand that if one student is late, 75 other students will be late too and that inconvenience is unacceptable.

Lastly, visiting sacred sites requires appropriate school dress and respect is always a must.

T-D is the only school that pauses from its regularly scheduled days to search for inner peace.

Your 2020 Glory Days itinerary is now available at the top of the page.  As always, parents are invited to each and every venue.


Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.