100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Glory Days Message

Dear T-D Family,
The good feelings from Glory Days just will not go away. I am including a few photos from the Buddhist Association in New York City.

Continuing with the good feelings, now that the Chapel has re-opened, all of Mr. Griffin’s classes will be taught there.

Two additional families have earned a place on T-D’s Tree of Life. Both the Cuzzi and Arjomand families have made four-figure donations.
Two more chairs are being tagged with the names of Baghaloo and Reid. There are now over 24 chairs that have been tagged with names to honor a student, parent, teacher, friend, etc.

Four Faculty Luncheon Conferences have been scheduled: L. Mayer on Thursday 2/20, N. Etchie on Tuesday 2/25, M. TdeG on Wednesday, 2/26 and C. Montgomery on Thursday, 2/27.

On February 27 through February 29, T-D will be sending six diplomats to the Model UN under the skillful direction of Mr. Griffin. All will stay at a hotel in NYC during this event at the United Nations. This will be an incredible learning experience and lifelong memory for our students.

We have previously written that five Japanese students from the Hiroshima Prefecture will be arriving on March 14 and will depart on March 27. We are now looking for homes for four students as one has already been placed with the Japal family. If you can generously open your home to one or more of these students, please let Annemarie or Mr. Fleming know as soon as possible.

I am pleased to announce that our relationship with the Lincoln School in La Plata is continuing. The Argentinian students will arrive here in October of 2020.

Our Polish exchange student, Helena Cieslakowska, will be returning home on February 26. She was a delightful guest and impressive student. I want to send a very special thank you to the two families who hosted her, the Teyssonniere de Gramonts and the Narains.

Will March on with you shortly,       


Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.Headmaster