January 30, 2015


Dear T-D Family,


As is the case each year, the first week in February is the beginning of T-D’s Glory Days.  Grades 8 – 12 will be visiting churches, cemeteries, community centers, historic houses, colleges, university campuses and other sacred sites.


Each day’s activities are attached for parents to review.  Glory Days is T-D’s attempt to explore the spiritual world and each day is power-packed.  Please consider each and every day more important than the other.


In the past, a few parents have booked their children with a local dentist, pediatrician, chiropractor, or yoga teacher.  Please do not do this!  Attendance is mandatory and being on time is critical.


Three T-D students from the upper school will celebrate Glory Days in New Zealand.  Stephanie Ryzyk, Maureen Flynn, and Andrew Breazna are enjoying their Glory Days in the sun with the Selfe family from the Corilli Arts School.  T-D is extremely proud of these three young diplomats.


The cost for all 8th – 12th Glory Days students is $135.00 per person payable as soon as possible.


I hope everyone radiates and feels the Glory.


Sincerely yours,


Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.



N.B.  Parents are invited to join in as T-D “Knocks on Valhalla’s Door.”