Headmaster Fleming

Headmaster Fleming

As Headmaster, I would like to welcome you to Thornton-Donovan School’s website, a great way to learn more about our school.

T-D is Westchester’s only “Little Red Schoolhouse.” Founded in 1901, T-D celebrated its centennial in the 2000-2001 school year. The School has about 170 academically talented students who come from homes around the corner and homes around the world.

As an independent co-ed K-12 school, T-D specializes in international education with dozens of “Sister Schools” around the world. Students can go to school in Busan, South Korea; Sligo, Ireland; Venice, Italy; Sciacca, Sicily; Shanghai, China; LaRochelle, France; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Nizhny, Novogrod; Tirana, Albania; and Hiroshima, Japan. During the course of the school year, T-D and T-D families often host visiting students from these destinations.

The international program is enhanced through language study in classes with only 2-12 pupils. French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek, German, and Russian are taught daily. Many students go to the highest levels of proficiency in their languages of choice. Level V customarily prepares T-D’s polyglots for the AP exam.

For 2016-‘17 the school family will be focusing on two of Latin America’s most interesting and unusual countries – Peru and Ecuador. In February of ’17 T-D will travel to Peru and get a good taste of Andean life. About two months later the school family will explore Ecuador and Galapagos to embrace some of the world’s most exuberant wild life.

T-D’s 2015-‘16 academic adventures had about 100 school family members walking in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra. Chicago, South Bend, IN, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Cuba were all seen up close and personal. Old Blue Eyes would have been very proud of T-D’s iconic salute.

With each and every yearly theme, new courses are introduced to broaden our thinking about it, and students from grades 6-12 are invited to select a few. All of T-D’s thematic courses are taught for only one year. They are integrated within T-D’s regular curriculum which can best be described as classical and Western.

T-D’s regular upper school curriculum offers four years of English, social science, math, and science; as well as seven foreign languages. Most T-D classes in the upper school are honors classes. AP exams can quite easily be scheduled.

Should you decide to go global, check out the thematic education section of this website as we begin to post the classes being developed for this year’s theme; and please visit the school.

T-D is your portal to a world class education.

Thornton-Donovan is for young people who want to go places.

There is no place like T-D and there is no place like here.


Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.