100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Welcome To T-D

Douglas Fleming, Headmaster

September, 2019

As Headmaster, I would like to welcome you to Thornton-Donovan School’s website, a convenient way to learn more about our school.

T-D is Westchester’s only “Little Red Schoolhouse”.  Founded in 1901, T-D celebrated its centennial in the 2000-2001 school year.  The School has about 160 academically talented students who come from homes around the corner and homes around the world.

As an independent co-ed K-12 school, T-D specializes in international education with dozens of “Sister Schools” around the world.  Students can go to school in Busan, South Korea; Sligo, Ireland; Venice, Italy; Sciacca, Sicily; Buenos Aires, Argentina; LaRochelle, France; Guatemala City, Guatemala, Nizhny, Novogrod; Tirana, Albania; and Hiroshima, Japan.  During the course of the school year, T-D and T-D families often host visiting students from these destinations.

The international program is enhanced through language study in classes with only 2-12 pupils.  French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek and Russian are taught daily.  Japanese is also taught in the spring.  Many students go to the highest levels of proficiency in their languages of choice.  Level V customarily prepares T-D’s polyglots for the AP exam.

For 2017-’18 the school family focused on the Balkans and Albania was the main focus.  The 2018-’19 country of choice was Mongolia and in March, 47 students, parents and faculty experienced T-D’s Magic Realism travel study adventure there.

With each and every yearly theme, new courses are introduced to broaden our thinking about it, and students from grades 6-12 are invited to select a few.  All of T-D’s thematic courses are taught for only one year.  They are integrated within T-D’s regular curriculum which can best be described as classical and Western.

Some of the theme courses for 2018-’19 were Empires of the Steppes, History of Life, Ologies and Isms, World War I, Cavalry, The Silk Road and Threads, Vulcans Trove, Shamans & Katabats, Hold Your Horses (Music), Explaining Life (Zoology), The Hidden World (Microbiology) and Facing East (Religion).

For 2019-’20 T-D makes the Holy Land its academic theme. This year’s courses include Philosophy of Religion, History of the Middle East, Shofar So Good (Music), The Brain, Symbols in Art and the Occult. In addition, there are multiple film, religion, history, computer and science electives to hold any student’s attention! Join us on our journey through the Sacred Geography of the Holy Land!


Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.