October 10, 2017
Headmaster’s Reminders
Dear T-D Family:
Our Italian guests from Arezzo are returning to the boot country today.  Their itinerary was one of super nova intensity and Stella Ficai, the five-year faculty coordinator, couldn’t stop praising the T-D family for the adventure.
On their return trip home, five T-D students joined the Lufthansa flight to Milan.  Katie Mason, Antonea Rufa, Oumou Sarr, Luca Graziano, and Marianne Zapata will all be spending at least two weeks in Arezzo at Rondine and the Vittoria Colonia schools.
Back on the home front, business goes on as usual.  This Saturday at 9:00 AM I will be administering the PSAT exam for ALL juniors.  Sophomores can consider the test as optional.  A $50.00 check reserves your seat.
Beginning on Tuesday, October 17th, on seven consecutive Tuesdays, Craig Aronson will be doing his highly regarded SAT prep class.  At $500.00, it is well worth the money and years of dramatic increases in student’s scores provides the best validation.
Two Parent-Teacher nights are in place for K-12 grades.  On Wednesday, October 25th, parents of students in grades K – 8 are invited to T-D.  School doors open at 7:00 PM.  The very next night, Thursday, October 26th, parents of students in grades 9-12 will do likewise and at the same time.
T-D needs more families to step up and host.  The Argentines are coming on Sunday, October 22nd and stay with us through Saturday, November 4th.  Thus far the Liptons, Reyes, Zapata, and Mallach families have opened their doors.
Annemarie is back in her chair once again doing almost all of what she did-again.  Halleluiah!!
Sincerely yours,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.