April 12, 2018
Off to Albania-Argentinian Guests-Important Dates
Hey Kids,
It’s eight days until 65 of us will be off to Athens-our first stop on our Albanian Renaissance Experience where we will spend nearly ten days in Albania. We happy travelers will return on Sunday, May 6, the day before school reopens on Monday, May 7.
Our Japanese language classes begin on May 7. There will be 10 classes with a fee of $200. The classes will start at 3:15 PM. Please click here for the schedule. Ten T-D student ambassadors will be flying to Hiroshima on Wednesday, June 20 and returning on July 3.
From May 21 through June 3 students from La Plata, Argentina will be hosted by T-D families. The Lipton family has already agreed to be a host family. How about your family?
There are a few future dates I’d like you to circle in red.
Saturday, May 19-The Gala
Thursday, May 24-The Arts House Café
Saturday, June 2-The Fringe
Wednesday, June 13-The Prom
Friday, June 15-Commencement at 4 PM
The daffy ducks are out!
Very truly yours,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.