November 7, 2017


Our Resident International Students-
Dinner Anyone?
Dear T-D Family:
There are a handful of international students who have helped change the character of the school and in so doing added more ambiance to an already ambient setting.  Any one of these young people would make for a great dinner guest.
A couple of them would happily babysit if you contact T-D with the specifics.
Their names and a few sound bites about them appear below:
FRENKI BOY LULGJURAJ – Albanian; masterful student; brilliant manners; in sophomore year; responsible and polished
ANA LIKO – the face of the Albanian Renaissance; talented; energized; great personality; T-D senior
ALEXA POGACE – from Albania; quietly excellent; extremely knowledgeable; polite; loves America
ELENI TOPOUZIDOU – from Germany; always smiling; hard working; knows our language; vibrant upper schooler
LINA VILANEK – from Germany; solid academically; very good socially; courteous and cooperative
SCOTT HUNTER – from Belize; extremely verbal; good thinker; balanced; creates harmony; interested in law
Touch base with T-D if you want to touch base with any of these six attractive teenagers.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.