January 2, 2018
January at T-D is a Song
January Calendar (click here)
Dear T-D Family:
So, it is here!  2018 awaits us and all that was coal will turn to candy.  I still prefer Planet Earth over any Star Wars offering.  I am hoping that T-D’s student body takes the digital detox program and that no student uses AI to do one’s homework.  AI would be an Awful Idea.
So, we’re back on our feet again and January has two venues for parents who want to boogie on the Circle.  On Thursday, January 11th “Infringing on the Fringe” kicks in at 7:30 PM.  Over 15 students will be speaking and conducting 20-minute sessions on topics from A to Z.  A complete line-up will be sent to you on Thursday with topics of discussion and room assignments for parents to follow.  Yes, you can bring your children and other family members.  You should.
The second date is Sunday, January 28th from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Several of T-D’s most talented musicologists will be in the White House to entertain you and raise a few shekels for the school.  All are volunteering.  Of course, there will be munchies and all kinds of beverages to this “big kids only” cabaret.  More will follow.  A $50 donation per person gets you to a red-carpet experience in the White House, mostly taking place in the Blue Note Room.
The Holiday Luncheon was a tasty treat as the entire SRO crowd can attest.  Recipients of the Ralph W. Kern travel-study scholarships were announced.  Amber Corbett, Lucca Ardizzone-West, Jordan Drew, Cecile McIntosh, Katie Mason, Ana Liko, Mabel Takona, and Solana Gagliano all left with $1,000 smiles.  Please remember that deposits for the Albanian Renaissance and Albanian Riviera are due now.
It’s great news that Rebecca Sparer will be participating in a KolAmi Youth Group focusing on Teen Social Justice and held in Washington, D.C.  It’s Rebecca’s second year of engagement.
It’s also good to know that T-D’s Leo Murzin will be heading to Hamburg, Germany for close to three months as an exchange student thanks to Dr. Hellge.
Should you need a boost, check out Hugh Jackman in “The Greatest Showman”.  You can’t see it and not leave with very happy feet.  You don’t have to go to “La La Land” for serious family fun.  The circus is in town at a theatre near you.  The world needs more great song and dance men.  I can still tap dance and maybe sing: “School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days”.
Life is a Cabaret,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
N.B.  Grades 7 and 8 are heading to the New York Philharmonic on Wednesday, January 17th.  Please send in $35.00 for the rehearsal performance fee and bus transportation.  Thank you.