Japanese Lessons for Student Ambassadors
Dear T-D Family:
            For close to a decade now, Thornton-Donovan School and Sera High School have been dancing together.
            Beginning on Monday, May 7th, Japanese language courses will be taught and done so through early June. Each class will be from 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm and held in the Chapel in the Main Building. There will be ten lessons total.
            On June 20th I will return to Sera for one more of my many visits to this small hamlet in the Hiroshima prefecture. Customarily, ten T-D 6th – 12th graders are invited to join me as student ambassadors on this exchange which is one of the most highly thought of experiences that Thornton-Donovan embraces.
            The Japanese courses will touch upon the language itself, Japanese history, customs, art, architecture, food and spiritual life. A $200 fee covers all ten classes.
             Two teachers will be directing the classes – Minako Tatezawa and Sayaka Alexander. Both have extensive teaching experience.
            T-D’s student ambassadors will depart America on June 20th-
Wednesday and return home July 3rd. The ambassadorial fee is set at $2,000. This covers the flight. All land expenses are incurred by the Japanese and their homestay families.
            I hope parents and students can take advantage of Japan’s world class hospitality.
                                                             Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
N.B. T-D’s traditional teacher Hiroko will be in Japan in May, but she will be at the Fringe on Sunday June 3.