100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Lower School Updates


Driving On Up Ceremony! Wednesday, 6/10/20 10-11:30 AM

Dear Lower School Parents:

This year’s “Moving Up” ceremony has been changed to a “Driving Up” ceremony. Due to the extraordinary circumstances we have gone through and continue to go through, this year’s celebration will look a little different: a car parade! 

We are asking that you drive to Thornton-Donovan and pull up to the driveway, where you will be announced, see your teachers, and be celebrated in a safe, secure and healthy manner. Feel free to decorate your cars and honk away! Get dressed up! We’ll take individual pictures with each carload and your teachers. There will be music, balloons, bubbles, gaiety and FUN, so come say goodbye to Mrs. Miller, Ms. Colangelo, Ms. Richy, Mr. Goodman, a bunch of other teachers, and of course-Mr. Fleming!!!  

When: Wednesday June 10, 10:00-11:30 am

Where: The front of the school where you drop off

How: Stay in your car and drive on up! We ask that you approach the school from the Beechmont side to avoid snarled traffic.

New Rochelle police will be directing traffic.  

For any questions, please email your teachers.

We apologize for the late notice but we were hoping we could do something in person so we were waiting for updated guidelines that might allow us to do our ceremony on campus. Unfortunately, we cannot. We really feel, however, that the kids need to SEE their teachers in person-and we want to see the kids! -so this is that opportunity.   Be there or be square!

Virginia Keating-Miller

Thornton-Donovan Lower-School Director

Thornton-Donovan Middle-School Director


May 28, 2020

Last School Day 6/10/20

Dear Parents; I hope you are all healthy and safe. Although this is not the “end of the year” as I imagined and hoped it would be-it seems we have no other choice. Firstly, I would like to thank you, all the parents who have stepped up to the plate and worked as a team with your child’s teacher to make sure curriculum goals were met. 

  I know it could be difficult or frustrating. Believe me-my lap top almost when flying a few times! However, in true T-D fashion, as a family we pulled together and flourished. Although we cannot have our usual Thornton Donovan “Moving Up Ceremony” we would still like to acknowledge our students and send our farewells. Each teacher will hold a virtual google classroom “Last Day Send-off” on June 10th to close out the school year.

 In September, when we are all back in the “Little Red Schoolhouse,” students and teachers will celebrate an official “Moving-Up Ceremony.” 

With kind regards, 

Virginia Keating-Miller

Thornton-Donovan Lower-School Director

Thornton-Donovan Middle-School Director


April 3, 2020

Lower School Class Update-2020

Dear Lower-School Parents,

Well, April 1st came and went but it still seems like we and the rest of the world are part of a very bad joke! Our T-D family, however, is making the best of this tough situation and I am very proud of all the students, parents and teachers.

Some good news, Mr. Chong will resume Mandarin classes starting this Monday, April 6th.  Please find the class codes for google classroom and schedule for his on-line classes.

K & 1  classroom code:  wesrgvq 12:47-1:30     Tuesdays & Fridays

 2 & 3  classroom code:  e4cxbab 11:24-12:04    Mondays & Wednesdays

4 & 5  classroom code: ubuiufk     12:47-1:30    Mondays & Thursdays 

Ms. Leslie has also been posting some great artwork ideas and some students have really let their creativity juices flow. Additionally, Mr. Goodman is holding his Beatbox Skills Competition.

Thinking of all of you, wishing you all peace.  

Virginia (Keating) Miller


Lower School Director

Middle School Director