Kindergarten – Language Arts: We are learning all about our letters… Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Decoding, Blending Phonemes, Grammar and Usage and Concepts of Prints. We listen to many different stories and even try our hand at making an original Kindergarten masterpiece.

Math: In Math it is all about the numbers. We discover ones and tens, we count and write and learn greater and less than. We can even add and subtract. We use lots of hand on models. We have fun classifying objects by size, shape and color and even get to graph!

Social Studies & Science: We learn all about the people and environment around us! We spend time each day discussing the weather outside and temperature. We learn our seasons and their special holidays. We have fun talking and learning about our Community Helpers!








1st and 2nd Grade

Language Arts: Learning to read skills are reinforced.  We learn and review consonants and vowels, diagraphs and r- controlled vowels. We demonstrate knowledge of high frequency words by completing interactive think and respond stories. We work with contractions and compound words. We continue to develop fluency through a series of vocabulary and reading comprehension. We partake in writing activities that incorporate discovery learning and direct instruction.

Math: We learn the value of money. We increase our knowledge of addition and subtraction facts, we learn about fact families, skip counting, and measurement. We also learn the key words to help us master word problems.

Social Studies & Science: We become “professional weathermen” and can even make weather charts. We learn about the importance and role that the water cycle plays in our lives. We classify all sorts of interesting objects, animals and living and non-living things. We compare our own lives with the lives of our parents, grandparents, and famous historical figures.









3rd and 4th Grade

Language Arts: Reading switches from “learning to read,” to “reading to learn.” However, we do benefit from learning about the Greek and Latin word roots. We read with fluency and focus on comprehension. We understand synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. We learn the importance of both the pre-writing and writing strategies and process. We develop an expanded vocabulary to create more in depth sentences and paragraphs. We summarize with visualization and predicting skills and extensive scaffolding and teacher support. We learn about how to support the main idea and the importance of supporting details.

Math: We multiply and divide and even learn about fractions. We learn perimeter, volume and area. We have fun with elapsed time and using our sharp math skills to apply to everyday activities.

Social Studies & Science: We learn about the economy and the differences between wants and needs. We become colonists and stand up for our freedom against King George during the American Revolution. We learn about the downgrade of Pluto and the rest of the solar system. We discover our key organs and the importance of them.






5th Grade

Language Arts: In 5th grade it is all about the writing. We learn the different types of writing, the techniques for writing for different audiences, and the importance of the topic paragraph, supporting paragraphs and the conclusion. We even try our hand at poetry. We incorporate more novels into our reading. We are challenged to summarize, predict, visualize, clarify, and understand scaffolding to enhance reading comprehension. We apply different comprehension strategies to literary and expository texts. We explore the use of summarizing, plot identification, main idea, theme, cause and effect, inferences, compare and contrast fact vs. opinion, making inferences, and the author’s purpose.

Math: We multiply and divide into the hundreds. We learn about fractions and decimals. We learn to use variables and the order of operations. We learn to solve many different types of word problems even some multi-step.

Social Studies & Science: We start at the Civil War and end at World War II. We cover the Great Depression and The Dust Bowl too. In science we master the scientific method and learn about many different organisms, atoms and molecules.







Thematic Education for grades K- 5

This year we will study Denmark, Greenland and Iceland. We will discuss the geography, flag, government and culture of these Scandinavian countries. We will become experts on Vikings and Leif Eriksson. After we make our own Viking helmets we will even try our hand at a real “Viking Pillage.” We shall follow in the footsteps of the famous Danish writer, Hans Christian Anderson and write our own fairytale.