Grades K-8 School News


August 31, 2015

K-8 End-of-Summer Newsletter
As the “dog days” of August are passing us by, activity at T-D has been bustling.  Here is a preview of September’s delights.
New Student Orientation:
Lower School: New Student Orientation is Wednesday September 9th at 10:00 AM.   Everyone should first meet in the Berns Memorial Library. The individual class teachers will lead their students to their rooms and explain expectations and goals for the school year.  Of course, as always, T-D’s “seasoned parents” are welcome to come.
Middle School: New Student Orientation will be held on Wednesday September 9th in the Berns Memorial Library at 11:30 AM.  A few select teachers will explain the goals and expectations for the year and the Handbook for Students and Parents will be reviewed.
September Activities:
The Lower School will start our salute to “ol’ blue eyes” himself by taking a virtual trip of “his kind of town,” Chicago, in preparation for T-D’s trip in November. Grades 6, 7 and 8 will be joining their elder classmates on a visit to where it all started-Hoboken. On September 18th they will go on a full day excursion to discover how Frank Sinatra made the leap from “Hoboken to Hollywood.”
In honor of Frank Sinatra, the Lower School will be having music twice a week to fully explore the legacy of this legendary performer.  And, speaking of scheduling, students in grades 6 through 8 will take music and art as mandatory subjects as well as two foreign languages. These classes are not optional and are in addition to the curriculum.
Supply lists can be found on the school’s website at
I am looking forward to celebrating Frank’s 100th Birthday with all of you.
So come fly with T-D, let’s fly, let’s fly away…
See you in September.
Ms. Virginia Keating
K-8 Director