Dear T-D Family,

At 1 PM T-D’s 17-18 Schedule for grades 6-12 will be released on the T-D website – so fun is just around the corner. Course choices for grades 8-12 are, in most cases, fairly set. In music, art, and world languages, however, exceptions can be made.

All students will have time to pick their favorites and talk personally about their thoughts and selections.

Should your student be unable to attend the scheduling time slot for their grade, time will be allotted on the first day of school. There should be no thoughts that this will give any student a less desirable schedule.

All “T” courses refer to T-D’s Albanian Renaissance Thematic Courses. The course descriptions for these theme courses can be found on the website in the Fall Preview. You’ll have fun checking out the more than 20 offerings.

T-D also offers seven world languages, numerous STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) courses and math to the highest levels.

Please note that there are now four digital courses in Music, Animation, and two Matrix Courses.

Have fun as the Renaissance has just begun.

I hope to see many of you in the next week but, please, within the time allotted for your grade.
8/31-Thursday-Seniors 2-4 pm
9/1-Friday-11th Grade -10am-12pm
10th Grade-1-3pm
9th Grade -4-6pm

See you soon,

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.