T-D’s Math Whiz Kids Score High

Each year the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) oversees a series of examinations which determines the best students of mathematics in the United States. These examinations determine which of a handful of students will represent the USA at the annual International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). The exams test knowledge and creativity in areas of mathematics such as number theory, probability, combinatorics ,and theory of equations to name a few.

For the last three years Thornton-Donovan has fielded a team to compete against the finest 6,000 students in the nation. This year Dylan Pizzo (grade 10), Jordan Acker and Viki Sun (both 12th grade) took the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) exam. They did well enough to progress to the next level and compete against the remaining 3,500 students in the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME).

The combined scores on the AMC and AIME are used to determine the 270 students who will take the USAMO (United States of American Math Olympiad). The cutoff score is usually about 200 points.

This year, our T-D whiz kids scored almost well enough to progress. Dylan’s 174.5, Jordan’s 160.5 and Viki’s 140.5 put ALL THREE in the top 2000 students nationwide!

In fact, only 88 10th grade students in the USA scored higher than Dylan Pizzo.

Congratulations to all of the participants. They are all winners!