May 3, 2019

Dear T-D Family:                                      

 May is more than the best month for subjunctives. There’s just too much to declare. Our Albanians arrive on Cinco de Mayo.

During the Albanian exchange there are a few venues that “May” be of interest to the T-D family – of course host family members do not have to say “May I” and YES will be a chemical reaction. On Thursday night, May 9th, T-D has a few extra tix to BAM’s Pepperland production – a Beatles inspiration.

On Satuday, May 11th, a few tix to Coney Island will be available. Both will require some “love” to make it happen. Specs will be forthcoming. 

Today Mrs. Pugliese’s Italian class will enjoy Arthur Avenue and its environs. In about ten days, Mrs. Bubesi’s Fashion, Art, and Architecture classes along with Mr. Goodman’s Mongolian Music class, will embrace the Met, tour a hotel close by and visit Leonard Cohen’s exhibit at the Jewish Museum. 

The Student Council’s Powder Puff event has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 19th. The April showers we’ve had would have created a very muddy narrative.

As soon as June jumps in, the Student Council, under the direction of Ms. Tudisco, will be treated to a full-day adventure at Coney Island. Because of the fine work done by Council members, T-D is comping each and every member to a full day of fun. Mark down Saturday, June 1st. It’s a “May I” not a “May not.”

Customarily in May T-D’s “big kids” put on their dancin’ shoes. This year’s Gala is on Saturday, May 18th at the Greentree Country Club. Invitations are already in the mail to you. As always, it is an adult only event. Please RSVP as soon as possible. I’ll be there too. It’s not conditional. 

Re-registration is now open and forms have been sent to you electronically and by snail-mail. Sacred Geography and Israel are now in place for T-D’s next school year.

The first 2019-20 calendar we published had some mistakes. Click here for the corrected calendar.

Click here for the 3rd Quarter Honor Roll. Congratulations to the students listed. Think only May flowers all year long, 

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.