October 1, 2018

Dear T-D Family:

            How in Buddha’s name could this be October, the month of Oktoberfest and a festival it will be!

            The Italians are coming:  The Italians are coming and 15 students and two teachers will be under the roof of the Little Red School House.  Today Thornton-Donovan needs beds for five girls, three boys and two teachers.  A copy of their very full itinerary is on line and a copy of the “orphaned” Italian teens is attached.  Special thanks to T-D host families.  On Tuesday, October 9 our Italian visitors along with Jordan Mallach, Rebecca Sparer, Almira Bubesi and Assunta Pugliese will install T-D’s 16 language peace pole.

            Ten T-D family members are already heading to Mongolia.  Only 30 seats remain and my grapevine says all will be taken.  Our February departure is not very far away.  A $1,000 deposit gets you galloping.

            The Parent-Teacher Partnership is very active at this time.  A meeting is set for Tuesday, October 16 at 7:00 pm and Muffins with Moms on October 26.  Marianne Silva is looking for big turnouts.  T-D’s Scott Paris will speak about the Google Classroom.    

            FLC’s kick in in October.  Faculty Luncheon Conferences with various designated students take place throughout the month with 1:10 pm as the starting time.

            All 6-12 grade parents are invited to a parent-teacher conference on Thursday, October 25.  Conversations begin at 6:30 pm.

            Hope you all are energized and ready to ride your camel or horse, of course.                            

                                                Very truly yours,

                                                Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.



N.B.  On October 11, Mr. & Mrs. N. Tono will arrive.  A red carpet awaits them.