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100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804


Questions on the Court
Dear T-D Family,
I hope everyone is in good health and aware that T-D has been mandated to continue Long Distance Learning for the remainder of this school year. While the building remains dark, I am here every day from 8 am until noon. I realize parents and students sometimes have a need to stop by to pick something up or pay re-registration.

Because of the wonderful spirit of our teachers, there are many who will be making themselves available “live” for their students with Questions on the Court. In May parents and/or students can come to T-D to speak personally to Don Johnson, Dave Montgomery, Virginia Keating Miller, and Nat Kernell. All meetings will be held outdoors on the tennis courts. Everyone will be required to wear a face mask and adhere to the six-foot social distancing requirement. Therefore, we will be limiting the number of participants to ten per session. The teacher names and time slots can be found on the May Calendar online.

When June arrives, there will be other teachers volunteering their time on the court-one being James van Sandwyk.

I hope all is going well with the learning from afar. I want to thank the faculty for giving their time so generously.

This has truly been the year of Sapere Auđe- Dare to be Wise.

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.