100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Radiant Restoration

February 6, 2020

Marble Doorway

As radiant as the sun was on Sunday, January 26th- the day of T-D’s Chapel Dedication-it was much more so on the inside. The sun poured in through the beveled glass and stained-glass windows. The new Chapel was opulent and filled with many iconic objets d’art representing the world’s foremost religions. The new mahogany wood gave an enveloping warmth to the restored space. 

Children of all ages were on hand. Lower, middle, and upper schoolers were gathered in the Berns Memorial Library along with their parents, extended family members, almost every current faculty member as well as former faculty, and several alumni – some as “young” as 50 years. 

The Reverend Dr. Benoit Van Lesberghe gave an awe – inspiring narrative about what the rebirth of the Chapel meant to him and so many of the T-D family who had taken classes in the old and fatigued marble room. His speech was like a sermon and everyone there felt what he felt – intense pride in the Chapel restoration. The duet performed by him and his wife, Heather, was also a blessing. 

Joan Silverstein listened and marveled. Aly Fanelli peeked her head in and didn’t miss a word. The room was so full that Demi Ventresca had to make space for John to join in this sacred moment. Genevieve F. Berns was clearly beaming from above. She was T-D’s principal before my arrival and her classroom was the site of T-D’s revitalized Chapel. How ironic. 

Ribbons were cut. Board Chair John Ventresca and T-D’s institutional treasure, Joan Silverstein, former Librarian and IT Manager, cut the first blue ribbon.

The second blue ribbon was cut by Vinny and Jeannie D’Annunzio who continue to use faith as their spiritual compass.

 As Headmaster, it was my great honor to raise a glass of holy water to toast Annemarie Licini-Paris as, hence forth, T-D’s new chapel will be called the “Queen’s Chapel.” 

After the program, the T-D faithful intermingled and the comments and feelings were all quite laudatory. Only one word could possibly describe all the feelings – exhilaration.

With the help of the Trustees and the financial support of the T- D family, one quickly realizes that T-D’s spirit is immeasurable and is more vibrant today than any previous time in over a century. 

At T-D the four R’s are now fully in focus: Reading – Writing – Arithmetic – and more than a touch of Religion. 

A list of all donors who gave from $25 to five figures appears below. As you can see from the photo of T-D’s Tree of Life, there’s still ample room to add a name and financially support T-D. We can also still add a name on the Chapel chairs. Names on the Tree of Life requires a donation of at least $1000. Names on the chairs requires a $250 donation. 

 Thanks everyone and “Hail to the Queen”, who looked more radiant than ever.

Please accept our apologies if any donor name was inadvertently omitted.

The Bell and the Light 
The Tree of Life