March 29, 2017
T-D Athletic Department
Rugby Scholarships & Honors
Dear Families,
On Monday night while having dinner with my wife and daughter, I received news from Coach Guiry, the head coach of American International College’s rugby team, that Thornton-Donovan senior Chris Miles would be offered a $24,000 per year rugby scholarship.
Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, AIC is currently ranked third in the nation for rugby 7s. Rugby 7s, as many of you know, is now an official Olympic sport. A verbal offer from Idaho State University has also been extended to Chris to play for their 15s team.
In April, both Chris and freshman Alex Cuzzi will be trying out for the regional All-Star teams representing the best rugby players in the Metropolitan Conference for junior varsity and varsity-age players. I expect Alex to be a fixture at these events for the remainder of his high school career. Alex looks to hone his skills this summer at either Dartmouth College or West Point Academy at their annual training camps.
Junior Xavier Rogers, meanwhile, had the honor this past fall of being selected as a player of the match by several of the local coaches during the annual Westchester 7s tournament. Junior Lloyd Williams looks to grab those same honors this coming fall.
Finally, the middle school has seen tremendous growth and now has a full team that regularly competes in light contact drills with the high school. They recently bested the high school, minus starter Chris Miles, 40-0 in a match. The team is anchored by two of the most physically-talented rugby players I have ever come across, eighth graders Varez Neale and Quentin Beatty. Fellow eighth grader Joshua Jones has taken over as the team tactician, leading attacks and organizing the defense. With Joshua’s rugby and academic skills, I hope he considers Cal Berkley in the future.
Sixth grader Jaden Seabrook has made a serious impact on the team with his spirited play and ability to avoid tackles. Seventh graders Errol Lipton and Isaiah Williams provide explosiveness and serious grit to the team. Pelham native and eighth grader Nicholas Hibbler has brought an abundance of playing experience to the program that has benefited other players on the pitch. There are several other member of the program not mentioned, all of whom are fantastic players and outstanding teammates.
Thank you to all the families who supported our upcoming Harry Potter night. The sports program raised over $1,000 from this event. We will be purchasing equipment and registering for various tournaments with the money raised.
Steven H. Schlitten
Director of Admissions & Athletics