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100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Sacred Geography

May 21, 2019

Dear T-D Family,

Annemarie’s 50th Celebration at the Gala allowed me to talk a little about 2019-20-the year of Sacred Geography. Around April 16, 2020, to May 3rd or 4th T-D will be in Israel and Jordan.

As T-D is very close to closing out another successful thematic school year, it is getting closer and closer to another opening and another show. In 1996 T-D made Jerusalem 3000 its scholastic pursuit. I believe T-D was one of the few schools in America to recognize the 3000th anniversary of the city’s founding. This was an unrealized quest for T-D during the ’96 – ’97 school year as bombs were bursting in air a few months prior to take off.

While the political situation and ever-changing events affecting the Holy Land are always in the air, T-D’s Sapere Aude – Dare to be Wise mantra comes into play. As long as the Gods do not go crazy, T-D will walk on more sacred ground in 2020 than any prior year. T-D’s first 30 days in the 2019-20 school year will feature lots of events and field trips all about sacred ground. You can mark your calendar with any one of these:

Friday, September 13 – Interfaith Cultural Program

Friday, September 20 – International Peace Day and Dove Story

Thursday, September 26 – Rubin Museum and Prayer Wheel

Tuesday, October 8 – Jewish Heritage Museum-Auschwitz

You may not realize this but many T-D faculty members are already beginning to do their research about Sacred Geography. Listed below are some of the courses that will find their way into the school’s curriculum this coming fall:

Sacred Strongholds
Super Temples and Other Hill Forts
Musical Chairs in the Mediterranean
The Beginning of Israel
Mundus Arcanus – Qabala, Tarot and Astrology
Tin Soldiers and The Nixon is Coming
Islamic Art
Christian Heresies
Faith in Tune
Decorated Words
Ancient Middle East
Thirteenth Century Middle East
The Unknown
Leonard Cohen-Songs of Protest
The Jewish Alps-Stand Up Comedy in the Catskills
Fabulous Art Fakes
Jews of New York

As you can see, the thematic courses are far ranging and have something to dovetail with any student’s interests. I hope you are all getting ready. Have you sent in your re-registration form? Click here for the form if yours has been misplaced. I urge you to send it in with your deposit promptly.

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.