March 8, 2018
Yearbook 2018
Congratulations Ads
Seniors and 8th Graders
Dear T-D Family,
To date, we have received some ads from businesses involved with T-D. Sadly, however, we have not received one ad from our T-D parents sharing their pride for their child’s accomplishment.
Mother Nature has clearly not been helpful, but the deadline for submitting ad copy is Monday, March 19.
Please click here for Ad Rate Schedule
Please click here for Ad Samples
While your student may exhibit a certain blasé attitude about the yearbook and your contribution, we can assure you that most students look forward to reading these special messages from their families.
Ads can also be purchased to highlight an entire class or any student K-12.
Digital files are accepted and should be emailed to We can also accept paper photos which will be returned to you after scanning.
We hope to receive several family ads as soon as possible. If we can assist in your creative process, let us know.