August 31, 2018

Headmaster’s September Letter


September Calendar (click here)

Dear T-D Family:

Three cheers for Annemarie and all those who made the Summer Challenge Totally Delightful. Bravo!

T-D’s new school year awaits us and September is full of activity. Our kick-off date is Thursday, September 13th. Scheduling for ALL students, new or returning, in grades 8 – 12 begins on Saturday, September 8th for seniors and juniors. Sophomores and freshmen will be programmed on Sunday, September 9th. The times are on the September calendar attached above and on the T-D website’s monthly calendar. The eighth grade will be here for schedules on September 11th. Schedule finalization for all students, 6th – 12th grades, is set for Tuesday, September 25th.

T-D will introduce its Magical Realism scholastic theme on Friday, September 14th with a full day of activities awaiting the student body. Of course, parents are invited as guests to our Mongolia Heritage Day. The whole school day will focus on Mongolia.

Three new T-D teachers will be hosted by the Parent-Teacher Partnership on Tuesday, September 18. Dave Montgomery, Iris Pagan, and James van Sandwyk will be introduced to the parent and student body. Please be in front of the Lions Art Studio at 3:15 PM for this special social.

The United Nations celebrates International Peace Day on Friday, September 21st. T-D is one of a few schools that will join in this “peace out” and suspend its regular classes to promote personal harmony, good will, and international diplomacy- all on the highest level. Representatives from the Peace Village in Hiroshima and Rondine, a Peace Citadel outside of Arezzo, Italy, will be here to discuss possible gap year opportunities and entice potential student ambassadors and future diplomats. Peace Day will feature a full day of events for grades K – 12. The entire school family is also invited. More info will follow.

T-D’s Parent Body will be able to socialize at the White House from 4:00 – 6:00 PM on Sunday, September 23rd. This adult only, Wine & Cheese Social is being orchestrated by the Parent-Teacher Partnership headed up by Marissa Kretzmer.

On September 7th two upper schoolers, Rebecca Sparer and Jordan Mallach, will be flying into Rome and on to Arezzo for a one-month exchange. In October, I am looking for three ambassadors to travel to Argentina. Hint! Hint!

Below, please find T-D’s thematic courses which will be readily available to grades 8 – 12 and possibly even grades 6 and 7:

Calvary Scythians
Ologies & Isms World War One
Empires of the Steppes History of Life The Silk Road & Its Threads
Vulcan’s Trove-Mineralogy To Hell and Back Hold Your Horses – Music
Steepe Up Orkestra Theatre of the Far East Bayan Mongo Jazz Club
Fur & Felt – Fashion Architourism – Architecture 3 T-D Art
Seekers & Seers – Literature The Art of War
Web Development & Futurology
Everybody Yurts Ready Player Two Journey to the East
Western & Eastern Religion Exploring Life – Zoology
The Hidden World – Virology

T-D’s 2018-2019 Schedule Release can be seen on Friday, September 7th at

Lots more goodies are comin’.

Stay hungry my friends,

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.

N.B., I need homes for 2 Italian ambassadors from The Peace Citadel n Rondine. Both are female, between the ages of 16 and 17. They will be here from 9/19 to 9/24.