September 5, 2018

Master Schedule-1st Day of School-Mongolian Heritage Day

Dear T-D Family:

The clock is ticking and the countdown for the master schedule, the first day of school, and Mongolian Heritage Day are all around the corner.

Listed below are the homeroom teachers and their respective classrooms for grades 6 – 12:
Grade 6 – Tudisco – Yebo Room

Grade 7 – Paris – LaRochelle Room

Grade 8 – Montgomery – Chapel

Grade 9 – Johnson – 345 Room

Grade 10 – van Sandwyck – L.S.L.

Grade 11 – Griffin – Freedom Hall

Grade 12 – Light – Starlight Room

T-D’s 2018-19 Info Guide will be snail mailed on Thursday. Within it are course descriptions for over 25 “T” classes. The “T” is for the theme – Mongolia and Magical Realism. You can also view it on T-D’s website,

On Friday, two T-D upper schoolers will be off to Italia and T-D’s sister school Liceo Vittoria Colonna in Arezzo. Both Rebecca Sparer and Jordan Mallach are packing now. Their ambassadorial work will extend through October 5th, when they will return home with the Italian exchange students. T-D is looking for host families and opening your homes to our Italian guests creates everlasting good will. T-D has to acknowledge the liaison work done by Stella Ficai and everyone at Rondine, the Italian Peace Citadel School.

Three new T-D faculty members begin their first day on Thursday, September 13th.

Dr. James van Sandwyck will be teaching two sections of bio, IPS, and two themed science classes.

Mr. Montgomery will be teaching both middle and upper school English classes, one of which is American Literature.

Dr. Pagan is doing middle school science and two Chemistry classes.

All three new T-D mentors will be guests at a Parent-Teacher Partnership Welcome Warmer on Tuesday, September 18th at 3:15 PM outside of the Art Studio.

I’ll be in touch again soon as events unfold and will be here this weekend to schedule all 9th – 12th graders, returnees and newly enrolled.

It’s getting harder to hold my horses……….

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.