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Talented T-D Student Spotlight

Every month on this page we will spotlight student work that goes above and beyond the call of duty. At T-D, we believe a student’s class work and homework projects are to be celebrated. What they do is important and this page shows appreciation for the hardest work and best talents. Stay tuned for updates frequently!


Italian II

The Italian level II students have composed original fairy tales using the present perfect and the imperfect tenses. They not only did this, but demonstrated their creativity in the form of illustrations and imagination. Click the speaker button to hear our students read! Enjoy the fairy tales!  Signora Pugliese

Read Radmila Agaeva’s book La Foca e il Gabbiano

Read Katie Scanlon’s Book on Terra Misteriosa

Read Dylan Montgomery’s book IL LINK MANCANTE

Read Lucca Ardizonne-West’s Book on La Regina del Mare

Read Lekhaa Singh’s Book on Il Principe della Pittura

Uruk 2500 BC between a father and his son to become a scribe. The students are Tej Singh (son) and Sederick Dawkins (father).

Spanish II

Spanish II students class created ofrendas (altars) to celebrate the Day of the Dead. They all honor someone deceased, whether it’s a relative or a famous person. The flowers, butterflies, and candles each carry specific meaning in Mexican culture.

The marigolds that are meant to guide spirits to the land of the living using their vibrant colors and their strong, sweet smell. Candles are used to light the way for spirits, and butterflies are said to hold the spirits of the departed as they cross over to visit their ofrendas.

by Nikki Cuzzi
By Jane Kessler
By Marwa Ali
by Jenna Siegel
By Errol Lipton
Caleb Jean-Pierre
Mila Mabhongo
Noah Soffer
By Tyler Japal
Marine Teyssoniere
de Gramont
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Teknopolis II

Moreover, students in video game designing and programming made 3D Blender models. The 3D modeling process produces a digital object capable of being fully animated, making it an essential process for character animation and special effects.

Sword by Alex Cuzzi
Wrong Neighborhood – by Michaela Rogers
Mystery Machine – by Shoshana Lieberman
Room With a View – by Mohamed Ali
80’s Tech Room – by Radmila Agaeva
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Symbols in Art 

Students in Symbols in Art class worked on a “Meaningful Initial” project. The idea behind it is to allow the students to share something meaningful to them, which represents them, or something they like.

by Antonea Rufa
by Camille Harris
by Enrik Vushaj
by Maryam Chaudhary
by London Bouhlev
by Besim Mehovic
by Maya Dominguez
by Xhulja Dycaj
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