Headmaster with Mongolian Representatives
Dear T-D Family,
Thanks to all the Thornton-Donovan parents who came for just a short time or for the full day. Thanks to so many T-D students who came for just one venue or tried to enjoy them all. Thanks to all those T-D faculty members who made each and every venue better than the ones before and maybe even better than the ones that will follow. The Fringe is always about fun; serious fun.
Some of the venues most commented upon were the Student Council’s continental presentations. Over a dozen T-D Council members took charge and took over in rooms that were SRO.
The T-D Ethics team drew rave reviews and its future as a T-D fixture is now firmly in place.
The music on the square outside the Heritage House raised everyone’s spirits. Ukes, guitars, violins, pianos and fiddles filled the air with a pleasing ambience. There was also poetry and dance – Mongolian dancers- and all this was intermixed with Latin recitations and Argentine goodwill messages.
The Living Museum interactive presentations were indoors and out and brought out the best in Thornton-Donovan’s Lower Schoolers. Almost every Lower School T-D family was on hand to enjoy this impressive work.
Three chefs made lots of happy meals. Don Johnson’s burgers and dogs, Hiroko’s sushi and Leo’s dunkuah eggs were all consumed rapidly.
Dr. Kernell’s nefarious and notorious gathering made everyone wonder – Who Did It? in this original production, Mad Day.
Kornucopia, another original work, really got everyone going. My Sister’s Wedding, Build A Website and My Trips to Albania and Japan all could have used a bigger audience – Thanks, Samira, Jordan and Ellis for your efforts.
The Charles W. Dickerson Marching Band played at T-D’s White House and the entire Beechmont was able to feel the beat.
The Albania “Embroidered” Fashion Show snuck in just before the rain. Had the red carpet been down on the runway, it would have been drenched. Our fashion show is always worth the year’s wait to marvel at the designs.
Make sure, when you visit Thornton-Donovan, that you read the messages by over 200 T-D family members on the Wall of Hope. It’s located on the Patio Professori behind the library.
The 2019 version of The Fringe will be held the first weekend in June. The rain will NEVER unhinge The Fringe.
With delight,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
Tastes of the Fringe